Friday 25 April 2014,
Cuba boosts the use of renewable energy sources
By OnCuba

Cubasolar 2014 is moving on the sun’s track As said by PhD. Luis Berriz Perez, president of Cubasolar, during the [...]

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Software made in Cuba
By Lisandra Díaz Padrón

The opening of self-employment had Cuban start thinking on how to create jobs that wouldn’t focus only on bars and [...]

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Dance Festival begins in Old Havana (+images)
By OnCuba

Once again the Arms Square in Old Havana became the perfect stage for the opening of the 19thInternational Urban Dance Festival “Old Havana: City in movement”. As usual, the dance company Danza Teatro Retazos was [...]

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Santa Teresa restaurant celebrates its third anniversary
By Alain L. Gutiérrez Almeida

Just as traditions and customs are born, stopping at the Santa Teresa restaurant in a neighborhood called Alturas del Casino in Camaguey province might become obligatory. The restaurant, specialized in Italian and Cuban cuisine, cannot [...]

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